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Top 5 Features of an Interactive Website

A website is the first impression to create an interaction with your audience. A website for any type of business must detail out important aspects that you would want to expose your offerings. The website’s Design and development tasks are the two critical factors while building up a website. Successful businesses always thrive to publish their business website in the most attractive and elegant image thus giving out all the necessary information that the audience seeks to know. In today’s highly competitive technological industry, you may struggle to find the most promising Web Development Company in India as only few of them deliver the most intelligent and interactive websites. All-in-all, Creaa Designs delivers unique outputs of designs and development projects.
Now the question arises - What makes a website interactive so that the audience gets hitched? You may have found the finest of designers and developers who you believe are creative to face the challenges of today’ IT ever-trending revolution. That’s great however, what about adding the touch of “interaction”? In this section, we are going to discuss interesting facts of some key features of an Interactive Website which you should keep in mind before starting to get your website designed;

Plan and Strategy: Prepare a detailed plan and robust strategy to be followed in order to designing a website. The website can only interact with the audience if it has an interface that’s gorgeously attractive and gives a smooth browsing experience. Next, decide what elements you need to display on the website and at which position, so that it meets the criteria of audience’s easy visibility. Imagine it from the perspective of different prospective audience who will be visiting your website through Google. Therefore, getting started with the right plan and the right strategy will show a clear roadmap to succeed in designing the most fascinating website.

Technology and Cost: Deciding on the technology is critically important and its cost will totally depend upon the web technology used in order to develop a website. WordPress, Shopify, HTML, etc. are some of the many technological platforms largely used and the CMS (Content Management System) is the most common back-end panel equipped to develop the website. Determining the scope and budget is key. The two aspects; technology and cost are found pretty hard to balance off. It all depends on your business’ priority, whether you seek for the finest of technology or a cookie-cutter one where many compromises will have to be made. Make the right decision to never regret what future brings on the table.

Quality Content & Tones: Since recent years, content marketing has become the talk-of-the-town in the Digital industry. Content is King! Therefore, publishing content on the website must be interesting to read with catchy phrases, intelligent choice of words that are simple to understand and definitely must be 100% unique.

Colour tones framed on the website should give the audience a kind of an appeal to read through. The fonts should be legible, bright background to make the page attractive to glue one’s sight on. Moreover, posting captivating images relevant to the content is what captures the reader’s attention as said by many great marketers; it only takes 5-6 seconds to catch the attention of the audience.

Responsive Design: In the arena of a vast variations of display screen sizes and resolutions, it has become a great deal to by-default transform webpages viewable on every screen size i.e. Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, etc. If you webpage looks scrambled on certain screen sizes or resolutions, it will discourage the audience to stay any longer on the page resulting in increased bounced rates, thus losing a prospect client or customer.

Contact Information and Social Media Links: Once you have succeeded in designing and developing the most comprehensive and interactive website that has enthralled the audience to know more about you, it is obvious that they need to find you, contact you i.e. additionally explore you. You make that possible when you have clearly mentioned your business location, contact number, email address on your website. This makes it not only convenient for the audience to contact you but also give them a sense of confidence about you. Try making it more convenient by showcasing your location via google-map display staged on your website.

Apart from your contact information, you should exhibit your business presence on the many available social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. so that it creates an additional channel for your audience to reach out to you and build a robust confidence in your offerings.

- andrew -

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