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Top Five Elements of a Powerful Logo

It has been said that great things come in small packages; a corporate logo falls into this category. A well-designed logo is powerful enough to convey a lot many things than being merely an item for visual appeal. It can talk about the character of the company, what business they are involved in and why they are exceptional.
Following are the five elements that go towards the making of a powerful logo.


A powerful logo is unique; it should not resemble the logo of an existing brand. Drawing inspiration from existing logos is fine; but it should not go beyond that. Your logo will lose power if it turns out to be on the same lines as that of your competition. This is because it invokes confusion in the minds of potential customers and fails to obtain a distinct place for your brand.

Perfect Combination of all Design Elements:

A powerful logo combines the varied design elements like colour, shape, emotion and typography in the most effective manner. Colour is closely related to customer psychology and the hues considered in a powerful logo enables the customer to connect with the brand instantly. For example, red and yellow are normally chosen by the fast-food industry. Shapes too are critical to brand recognition and simplicity is the key to making it powerful. Typography basically involves selection of the right font for the words if present in your logo. If you want your logo to be powerful, it should be effective in generating the emotion your brand intends to convey.

Has Bearing on Your Brand:

An awesome logo goes beyond a great design, it is relevant to what your brand offers. It is meaningful, focused and appealing at the same time. It makes connect with your targeted audience and is able to speak to them. For example, while making a colour selection, colours that appeal to the targeted audience are picked. Understanding what your customer needs from your brand is one of the aspects considered by a powerful logo.

High Recall Value:

A powerful logo sticks in the minds of the potential customer even on viewing it for brief moments. His first impression has to be a memorable one as that is his first exposure to your brand. Understanding the target audience, the message to be conveyed and the manner in which it should be conveyed is very important. It is essential for your logo to relate to your audience and be meaningful. Here, again, simplicity is the key, your logo should not be unnecessarily complicated.


A powerful logo complements every platform it is used on, be it your website, business card, brochure or any other application. Logos can be designed in large sizes to adorn a billboard or very small to shine even on a pen and yet be able to retain its integrity. Changes in the colour of the backdrop can also occur, ensure that the factor of versatility is kept in mind as you design your logo.

Keep the above aspects in mind while designing your logo and you will soon see your first-time buyers turning into loyal customers.

- matthias -

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